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Headquarters for the Mars Direct manned mission pioneered by Dr. Robert Zubrin.

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Research Archive

Practical Methods for Near-Term Piloted
Mars Missions
73k 167k 119k 189k
Report on the Construction and
Operation of a Mars In-Situ Propellant
Production Unit.
43k 211k 146k 177k
The Mars Aerial Platform Mission 26k 39k 62k 62k
The Economic Viability of Mars Colonization 54k 154k 153k 183k
The Significance of the Martian Frontier 36k 43k 44k 75k
Mars: America's New Frontier 14k 22k 22k 8k
Mars: America's New Frontier, Sidebar-1 8k N/A 15k 22k
Mars Direct: A Simple, Robust, and Cost Effective Architecture for the Space Exploration Initiative 101k 410k 408k 362k
Methods for Achieving Long Range
Mobility on Mars
49k 92k 90k 104k
Technological Requirements for TerraformingMars 43k 137k 126k 134k
Mars In-Situ Resource Utilization Based on the Reverse Water Gas Shift: Experiments and Mission Applications 533K 208K Not Avail. Not Avail.
Athena: A Possible First Step in a Program of Human Mars Exploration. 26K 60K Not Avail. Not Avail.
A Comparison of Methods for the Mars Sample Return Mission 33K 77K Not Avail. Not Avail.

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